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First-time sign-in help: WildBlue



Steps to create a username and/or email address to access your WildBlue or Exede Business account. If you are on any other Exede plans, you'll use the MyExede portal. Go here for instructions on registering there.

Sign in to the WildBlue customer portal

  1. Go to in the address bar. Press Enter.
  1. In the orange “New User” box, click the “click here” link.
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  1. The Manage My Account sign-in screen will appear.  From here, enter the temporary credentials in the Username and Password fields.  These were included in the Order Confirmation email
    • Username = Nine digit number starting with a '4'
    • Password = Phone number on account (3035551212) 
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  1. Now click Sign In.  Select Manage Account to set up your Username and Password, Security Q&A, or create email addresses
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  1.  Select a Log-In Preference from the drop-down menu, My Username or My Contact Email Address
  1. Enter a new username in Username field
  2. Enter or Edit your Contact Email address if necessary.
    • If the Log-In preference selected is Contact Email Address, the email address in this field will be the one the you use to log-in
  1. Select the Setup Email button only if you want to create a email address
  2. Enter a new password in the Password and Confirm Password fields.
  3. Select a Security Question from the drop-down menu or type a question in the Create a custom question field.
  4. Type the answer to the Security Question in the Security Answer field.
  5. Select Save
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Contact Support

If you encounter problems creating a user name or email account, our Customer Care agents are here to help.  Contact Support.  

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